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Fitzhugh Gates Solicitors in Brighton & Hove and Shoreham-by-Sea enjoy a high level of repeat business from satisfied clients.

In order to maintain our high standards the firm asks a randomly selected sample of recent clients about their experiences with a questionnaire, the results of which are taken very seriously.

We are proud of our team and how hard they work which is borne out by the current overall client satisfaction scores.

This is undoubtably a good standard and one that all the Fitzhugh Gates team in both Brighton and Shoreham offices are working to maintain and improve upon - you can read the indivudual service scores below.

Client Comments and Reviews

It is always wonderful to have our positive client satisfaction survey results confirmed by receiving unsolicited and positive comments and reviews from our clients. We have published a selection of these here 

Client Questionnaire Scores 2018-2019

During the most recent check period May 2018-April 2019 a random selection of clients dealing with our Solicitors in Brighton and Hove and Shoreham-by-Sea offices awarded us an overall satisfaction score of 88.66%.

On average our random selection of clients during the above period indicated:

  • Efficient: 93% said their initial enquiry had been dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Quick: 92% said they were able to quickly secure a satisfactory appointment or detailed discussion with a Fitzhugh Gate Solicitor in Brighton or Shoreham.
  • Local: 78% indicated that they liked our solicitors offices in Brighton and Hove and Shoreham by Sea.
  • Understanding: 95% felt that we had quickly and fully grasped the issues involved in their cases.
  • Professional: 97% believed that Fitzhugh Gates had dealt with their case in a manner that was professional, courteous, committed and caring.
  • Accurate: 95% indicated that our letters, telephone calls and e-mails were clear, prompt and accurate.
  • Informed: 92% said they had been kept fully informed on case progress.
  • Costs: 92% were happy with the way that we kept them appraised at all times on solicitors costs.
  • Courteous: 94% of those coming to our Brighton and Hove or Shoreham-by-Sea offices felt they had been dealt with in a courteous and helpful manner.
  • Helpful: 94% said that their lawyer's secretary was courteous and helpful.
  • Satisfied: 57% of those that had expressed any form of complaint said they were wholly satisfied in the way the matter had been dealt with.
  • Value: 85% said that our service offered value-for-money.

If you have a comment to make about our services and how we can improve upon them then please let us know.

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Dispute Resolution and Complaints

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  • Client Comments and Testimonials