Brighton Retail

Whether you be a landlord with a portfolio of a hundred properties, or you have inherited a single tenanted corner shop, you will need expert advice and guidance on terminating or renewing occupational leases.

The rules are still complex, despite the recent much welcomed relaxations, and a failure to comply strictly with time limits and procedures can have devastating consequences.

The potential for tenants to “get it wrong”, with similarly disastrous consequences, is no less acute in the absence of appropriately qualified guidance.

We aim to take the complexity and risk out of the processes with careful guidance, delivered with an understanding of most business peoples’ dislike of jargon and bureaucratic detail.

Head of Department: Julian Cioffi - Managing Partner

How to get help with any Commercial Property or Business Law matter

Whether you are considering a business aquisition or sale, planning to purchase or sell a commercial property or are involved in a commercial dispute requiring professional resolution, Fitzhugh Gates solicitors are here to help. We also have one of the strongest employment law teams in the area.

Instructing a commercially experienced solicitor removes distractring pressures from your management team and helps develop the conditions in which your business can prosper; you can contact us in Brighton and Hove or Shoreham-by-Sea, or use our online priority enquiry form.