Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the voice of Brighton & Hove’s business people. It’s a voice that helps its members build successful businesses and be part of this great city’s community and economy.

Fitzhugh Gates have an active membership in this Chamber and contribute where we can to its successful networking and business support meetings.

There are initiatives to connect, train, support and represent local business organisations, from established companies in all fields to the start ups which are so vital to the economic recovery.

Take a look at the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce website



Fitzhugh Gates has strong links to our residential and business communities. We not only work here but we also live here, and try and do our utmost to be supportive of local initiatives.

The firms partners and staff are collectively committed to supporting local community activity and are fully engaged with the business and residential communities we serve. This is more than just marketing spiel; all the items in this news section are testament to how Fitzhugh Gates tries to make a difference.

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