shoreham allstars drummer 2015The inuagural Wildlife Festival featured more than just big name acts, but also local young musicians playing as part of the Shoreham Allstars, a community interest company based in Shoreham.

Organised by the inspirational and driven David O'Connell, the Shoreham Allstars is a young musicians collective that has been running since 2008 and has established itself as a part of Shoreham’s music scene and history. 

Made up of young musicians aged 7 to 18 who get the opportunity to play on the Allstars yearly gig programme and build confidence, creativity and ability in music within a strong and supportive network.

Fitzhugh Gates are happy to support David and the Allstars with a sponsorship package, though Managing Partner Julian Cioffi would we suspect prefer not to be called 'man' during meetings with David!

Having the young people play at the hugely succesful Wildlife Festival has already marked 2015 as something special. David said "It was a total success for us - the kids had the time of their lives, played brilliantly and one of the bands got into the Shoreham Herald the Sunday night of the event which blew their minds a tad. Fame at last!"

The Shoreham Allstars and Fitzhugh Gates will be making themselves heard again at the Beach Dreams Festival 19-21 June 2015.

Take a look at the Shoreham Allstars website


Fitzhugh Gates has strong links to our residential and business communities. We not only work here but we also live here, and try and do our utmost to be supportive of local initiatives.

The firms partners and staff are collectively committed to supporting local community activity and are fully engaged with the business and residential communities we serve. This is more than just marketing spiel; all the items in this news section are testament to how Fitzhugh Gates tries to make a difference.

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