Making a will is the best way of providing for others after your death. We have the expertise to draw up wills and advise on all related matters.

A person dying without making a will is said to be intestate, this can cause many problems to those left behind after the death. This can be particularly distressing to your family at what will be a difficult time.

The following chart shows the rules of intestacy that apply if you die without making a will.

FHG Intestacy Flow Chart Infograph explaining who inherits if I do not have a will


Making a will enables you to choose who you wish to be your executors, to appoint guardians for your children and make provision for friends or charities if you so wish.

Making a will should not be left to another day, and not rushed on a whim. Contact us to find out what you need to do to ensure that your private affairs are conducted in accordance with your wishes.

Head of department: Rhiannon Winter LLB (Hons) - Partner

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