Emergency AmbulanceBeing unable to work and being uncertain of a recovery from injuries is very stressful. When you are injured, you may not know where to turn. There are many enticing adverts on the TV, internet and radio... what do you do?

Talk to us. We are your local solicitor and have a proven track record in succesfully dealing with Personal Injury Claims.

We will happily talk to you face to face and without obligation. We believe it is really important that we understand you and the effects your accident has so that we can ensure you are properly reassured and compensated. Our experience tells us that injuries can have very personal and private consequences that are best talked about in person with a fully qualified solicitor.

The government has recently introduced massive reforms to this area, with more changes coming in over the next few months. Costs have been capped at a level that may mean many claims handlers will dumb down tier service. We won't.

Referral fees have been banned. This means claims firms can no longer "buy" details of claims from claims management companies and other marketers. We think that is a good thing apart from the fact that claims farmers will now do the work themselves in bulk rather than sell it on sometime to specialist services. The ban on selling people’s claims should help people choose to come direct to their local specialist solicitor instead, just as they always used to.

Throughout the many market changes over many years Fitzhugh Gates’ personal injury department has remained true to its specialist personal service. We are proud to have been the firm of choice.

  • We have not and will not allow claims to be dealt with by unqualified and inexperienced staff
  • We will not settle claims at low value where costs are fixed
  • We will never settle a claim until the long term effects of an injury are known

For the last 200 years our Clients have come to expect face to face, reassuring contact with a solicitor who acts solely in their best interests. We are happy they have. We look forward to continuing to help new accident victims through these changing times.

Rhiannon Winter LLB (Hons) - Solicitor

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