Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST's) - What’s New?

Changes have been made that Landlords need to be aware of - action must be taken to ensure compliance.

Under the Deregulation Act 2015 for ASTs starting from 01.10.15 a landlord must at the start of each fixed term of the tenancy:

  1. Provided the tenant with an energy…

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Affordable Home Ownership Schemes

There are various government schemes available to help potential and existing home owners. It can be very confusing choosing which option may suit you, so we are giving you an overview of the different options. 

Fitzhugh Gates solicitors can refer you to Independent Financial Advisors who will help you…

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Employment Tribunal Claims Decline

Statistics relating to the Employment Tribunal Service show that there has been steep decline in claims since the introduction of fees for claimants.

Figures obtained from the Ministry of Justice show the number of claims accepted by the Employment Tribunal Service fell by 55% in August 2013 to 7,448, showing…

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Refuse dispute mediation at your peril!

In the case of PGF II SA –v- OMFS Co 1 Limited, the Judge decided that the failure by the Defendant to agree mediation was so serious that he made the Defendant pay its own costs for a very significant period of the case amounting to £250,000 in costs on…

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Fee Versus Free Legal Advice

What is the difference between paying for legal advice from an expert Solicitor and free legal advice?

Sometimes only the cost.

Access to legal services is under greater threat now than at any time since legal aid was introduced, but the private client department at Fitzhugh Gates has a history…

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Contesting Wills - Ilot v Mitson & Ors

In the case Ilott v Mitson & Ors [2014] the Court found that the Deceased’s will failed to make reasonable financial provision for Mrs. Ilott and awarded her £50,000.

The Judge said: “The rejection by the mother of her only child at the age of 17, and which she then…

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There's no such thing as a simple will

Most people who come to us believe that their wills will be straightforward, yet more often than not, we pick up on issues which could lead to disagreement amongst those left behind or even potential claims against their estate.

The phrase "I haven't thought of that" is a familiar one…

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