Landlord and Tenant - Tenancy Deposits

Gaining possession where landlord has not protected deposit in tenancy deposit scheme.

Failure to protect the tenant's money deposit in an authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) on commencement of the tenancy and provide prescribed information about it as required by the Housing Act 2004 can prevent the landlord from gaining possession by…

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Pub Ties

Proposals for regulating the relationship between pub companies and their tenants.

A feature of the recent recession is the number of closed and boarded up public houses which have found it impossible to continue in the economic climate. The premises that are closed include not only the smaller corner pubs…

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All Change - No need for a will?

Here is a summary of changes to the intestacy rules being introduced by the Inheritance & Trustees Powers Act 2014 which come into force on 1 October:

1. Surviving spouse(SS)/Civil Partner (CP) will inherit the entire estate where there are no issue.

2. Where there are issue the SS/CP will…

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