Law Reports Queens Bench Division 1900We know that for some people instructing a solicitor can be a daunting task. Where we can give some general advice to people we are always happy to do so on the phone at no cost.

In some cases we need to see documents or you may prefer to meet us to see whether you want to instruct us on your matter. In these cases we can offer a fixed price service. This service will be suitable for you if you are seeking no obligation legal advice and guidance relating to your circumstances but are not sure if you wish to make use of our services right away.

In these cases you will meet with a solicitor for a full 45 minutes and after the meeting you will receive a letter setting out what was discussed for your future reference. Many issues can be dealt with in this initial session.

Writing to third parties on your behalf is not included. For that we can offer additional services often on fixed fee basis.

These sessions may not suitable in some circumstances, for example if you are already in complex court proceedings as we cannot contact the court or attend court as your representative. In other complex matters we will not be able to give specific advice as the time will be unsuited to that detail.

We will not retain any original documentation after the meeting. Due to the nature of these sessions we are under no on-going obligation to you other than the obligation to provide advice on what you tell us at the meeting and limited to the documents we are able to consider when we meet.

Please note to avoid disappointment that payment of the fixed fee amount and sight of some original ID such as a passport or photo driving licence etc. will be required before the meeting can proceed.

The fixed price for this consultation is £175 plus VAT at 20%.

Most clients find these sessions very helpful and go on to instruct us in their matter. 

How to arrange a fixed fee consultation

Please call us in Brighton and Hove on 01273 686811 or Shoreham-by-Sea on 01273 461381 and request a fixed fee consultation. Alternatively you can use our online priority enquiry form, again please include in your enquiry that you wish to arrange a fixed fee consultation.