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Landlord and Tenant law is complex and mistakes made in the prescribed forms and procedures can have very costly consequences. Off the shelf or internet advice is often of little help when not in context.

We are proud of our extensive experience in dealing with complex issues arising from the landlord and tenant relationship. We handle both disputes with landlords and disputes with tenants in the following areas of practice:

  • Drafting and advising on tenancy agreements
  • Statutory notices to end a tenancy
  • Dealing with problem tenants - unpaid rent or unreasonable behaviour
  • Landlords or tenants breaching tenancy agreements
  • Possession proceedings
  • Rent arrears 
  • Claims by a tenant of unlawful eviction and disrepair
  • Forfeiture

We believe that preventative advice is key to a successful landlord and tenant relationship and are here to help ensure that if things go wrong a solution is found as cost effectively and swiftly as possible. We can attend personally or arrange representation for landlords and tenants at courts throughout Sussex and beyond.

Head of Department: Julian Cioffi - Managing Partner

How to get help with legal problems

If there was ever a top tip when it comes to dealing with a legal problem it is to get proper advice from an experienced solicitor sooner rather than later. Asking us for help could not be easier; you can contact us in Brighton and Hove or Shoreham-by-Sea, or use our online priority enquiry form.

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