Old Bailey Scales

Backed by over 200 years experience and 21st century systems, we offer a strong business and private dispute resolution service.

We provide firm, careful, pragmatic and cost effective advice in many areas. We act for many private individuals, small, medium and large companies. We have specialist knowledge in dealing with residential disputes and act for a substantial national trade association with over 8,000 members.

Fitzhugh Gates Solicitors has specialist knowlege of dealing with complex personal disputes in Tribunals, County Courts and the High Court.

General litigation covers civil disputes that require the services of the legal profession and occasionally the final adjudication of the courts. Examples of this type of work are:

  • Landlord and tenant litigation
  • Wills and inheritance challenges
  • Trust of Land claims
  • Injunctions
  • Breach of contract

Civil law differs from criminal law, such as theft, crimes against the person and motoring offences. Criminal law is an area this legal practice does not conduct business in. However, we will always provide our clients with suitable recommendation to other firms we work with, who specialise in these cases.

How to get help with legal problems

If there was ever a top tip when it comes to dealing with a legal problem it is to get proper advice from an experienced solicitor sooner rather than later. Asking us for help could not be easier; you can contact us in Brighton and Hove or Shoreham-by-Sea, or use our online priority enquiry form.