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Power of attorney is a document authorising someone else to act on your behalf. The usual type is a lasting power of attorney designed to remain valid even upon one's incapacity.

You may consider this legal instrument to ensure that in the event of your incapacity through illness, frailty or otherwise that your interests are protected by your attorney or attorneys.

It also means that you may select in advance who acts on your behalf rather than having this choice imposed by a court of law.

When creating a lasting power of attorney, it gives you the flexibility and control to determine what limits or conditions you place on your attorney's power, so that you have peace of mind in knowing your affairs are being conducted as you would wish.

There are two types of lasting power of attorney. The most common and widely known type is a Property and Affairs LPA. In certain circumstances you may also wish to consider having a Health & Care LPA so that your attorney or attorneys can make medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make those decisions for yourself.

How to make a will or get help with any probate matter

Everybody needs to put a proper will in place and think about arrangements after you have gone. Proper advice from an experienced solicitor will ensure that your family and friends do not face upset or uncertainty when you are no longer in a position to make your wishes clear.

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